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Originally Posted by Snipe656 View Post
The dealer I bought my 335d from approached me this week to try and get me to trade it in. I ended the conversation before it could really progress into any sales tactics from them since I have zero interest in any existing BMW models here. I told them they are welcome to buy the car back though to which I got no reply. I think though they were approaching me simply because it was the three year marker and nothing at all to do with which BMW model they sold me.

I routinely look on and for models I am interest in and seems to give me a decent enough idea of what is available out there. Sometimes I hop over to eBay but seems to be less offerings of what I am looking for on there.

The 335d cars I randomly follow on do not seem to sell quickly at all and not for near what I'd thought they would go for. For some reason it lacks appeal, maybe because it lacked much marketing when new so is unknown to a lot of folks or maybe some other reason.
Some other thoughts came to me:

1. If you were buying from a dealer, they often try to sell you on the tax advantage of not having to pay the entire sales tax on the next car, having paid on your current one. The difference in trade in price - what you pay for the new one after you trade yours in - would be what the sales tax would be, at least in some states apparently.

2. BMW's are not known for their super reliability and the 335d is not a known quantity. The used market may be sensitive to this.

3. There is still a recession going on in spite of what you hear from talking heads on cable, so the prices for expensive cars are a bit softer with some exceptions. Diesel customers may be more sensitive to pricing and the economy, I don't know.

My $.02

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