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Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
All recent BMW models have had the Nav mounted high on the dashboar. There is a limit to how high it can be mounted without blocking the view of the road.

I maintain that the difference in the height of the iDrive screen on these models will make very little difference and you will have to take your focus off of the road ahead to see any of them. You can even see that in these pitrures. Try focusing on the iDrive screen on any of them and you will have to divert your attention from the view out the windshield.

I agree that having the iDrive conroller on the console is preferable to and safer than a touchscreen.


The F30 screen sits up about 1" higher than the E90's and without its shroud there is a lot more visibility on both sides and atop it.

It's like BMW designers took the E90 iDrive's helmet off, chiseled away all that unnecessary plastic, let it breathe a bit. It now resembles an iPad, a half-tablet peeking out of the dash.


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