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Originally Posted by stylinexpat View Post
One thing I like about Taiwan is cost of transportation. While gas prices in Taiwan are similar to those in California one hear can get around on a scooter and since everything is so close close in the city gas money on a scooter is any where between $2-5 per week depending on how much driving around you do. If you take the Metro, the transportation cost can be any where from $10-15 per week and via bus it can be any where from $7-14 per week. These estimates are based a two way trip to and from work. Here in the city though many people live near work so many just walk to work as they find a place near their work.

With today's gas prices where they are my M3 would cost almost $80 to fill up and I would need to fill up roughly 7 times per month which puts transport cost of gas at $560 for fuel alone before other miscellaneous expenses. When you add oil changes,car tires,registration and insurance the car averages out to coat at least $800 per month, Definitely not cheap! $800 per month is with the are being fully paid off too.
Between my husbands commute and mine we fill up both cars 2xs a week costing an Average of 1,100$ in gasoline alone per month. We are both looking into smaller cars that cost less to drive for commuter cars.
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