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Originally Posted by E36 Phantom View Post
Well for the last two months I've been commuting in a 95 Land Rover Discovery which has a pushrod V8 designed in the 60s and the aerodynamics of a freight train, so from 4.2 to 5 is nearly $150/month more to me and would push my monthly gas to about $740 for commuting alone (and not counting my wife).

Contrast to the train at $180/mo plus I'll full up twice a month for another $180 and I'm cutting commute costs more than in half. Also, I'm actually saving myself time on the am commute and was so much more productive at work and relaxed at home.

The ACE train is a great system, very clean and comfortable and a friendly atmosphere. I wish I'd done this two years ago.

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K, I have to admit I'd never heard of the ACE train so I had to look it up, but it looks great, and at $180 a month it's a steal compared to driving. I'd do that in a heartbeat.

For a while I had a lot of business in Stamford CT, but I didn't to stay up there in the boonies when I was so close to NYC where all the action was, so I'd stay in Manhattan and commute by train up there. Was fun and avoided the need for a rental car. .
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