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what the hell is going on my with car

i have a 06 330i that i bought about 2 months ago. within the first month i had to replace the water pump that went bad. just last week i was on the interstate coming home and everything in the car glitched for a split second. scared the hell outta me. anyways everything came back on right away and i got off at the next exit. when i was pulling over i smelled something that smelled like something was burning. so i drove it home kus i had no other choice. the next monring i was headed to work and and got a block down the road and the car was shaking bad. i pulled over and turned it off. i went to start it again and the car took a little bit to start. when i started i went to give it some gas and it would barley move. 5mph tops. so i parked the car had a tow truck take it to the bmw service center and they ran some test on it. they checked to compression and that was fine. they think my timing is off but there not sure. so just for them to check its 800$. does anyone have any idea what might be the problem? anything would be appreciated

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