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Originally Posted by kskane View Post
Does any know what is the torx size of the 24xBolts on the plastic sump of the auto trans on E60 6HP19.

According to the link below it should be using T40;

According to BMW part number, there is no information;
Torx screw - 24 11 7 552 108 - M6X28,5

According to the bolts on my sump pan on the car, it is T27.

Reason for this question, when I already know that T27 is what I have on my vehicle - I am planning to replace the pan and oil on the my trans and 14 bolts seems to have its torx teeth #@#$#@ by previous INDY's, so I will need to replace these bolts. The new bolts which I will buy, I need to know the size of Torx bit so I can by that tool as my hollow Torx bit T27 broke while I was trying to un-screw the pan

Also, what tools was used to open the fill plug, I know it needs 8mm Hex socket, but mine won't fit since there is very less space and the thread above says to use L-shape tool, what is L-shape tool?

Guys, just in case the above post is confusing, I would like to know following;
1. What is the torx size on the bolts that hold the plastic transmission oil sump pan, T27 or T40 (why am I asking the question? -> read above post)
2. Is there a socket available that will fit the small area to undo the filler plug on the transmission? (So, I have only read about the L-shape tool but those do not let you torque it to specification and I can't find any 8mm socket that is in total length of 30-35mm as that is all the space there is near the transmission).
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