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Update - 10-8-12

Contaced the dealer on Thursday (10-4-12) through email (all my correspondence with BMW is now in email to give me a trail of breadcrumbs. Dealer was just finishing up installing 2 new rear axles and a new differential and planning a road test in the morning. (In an earlier post I accidentally listed the differential as already having been replaced, but that was an error and it was the transfer case that was replaced.)

The next morning I did not receive a call or email, so I reached out to them around noon and the car still had the rumble and they were keeping it over the long weekend. I sent email(s) to the service writer and service manager requesting a sit down meeting over everything that's been done to this point so we can come to a solution. No sooner had I sent this email and the dealer contacts me with a courtesy call on my last service appointment. I thought this was odd and as I filled the gentleman in on what has been done he sounded shocked and reassured me that this would be resolved - never heard back.

I gave them until this week to get this corrected.

What's been replaced (in no particular order):

- engine lifters
- engine head
- transmission
- wheel bearing
- transfer case
- differential
- rear axles

What they want to replace next - drive shaft and support bearings - like it told them weeks ago.....

Visits to the dealer in days:

Visit 1 - about 1 week
Visit 2 - 8 days
Visit 3 - 10 days and counting


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