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Originally Posted by O2Drift View Post
Thanks very much for the input. I appreciate it. In response to your question BJ I much prefer a candid opinion. I passed on the Tech package because I have no real need for the Nav which is a big chunk of the package. I know that it is a great system but in 99.9% of instances I know exactly where I'm going.For the rare instances when I'm in unfamiliar territory I have a free-standing GPS. In addition my situation does not call for updated traffic reports, etc. Likewise I'm also good without the apps. Tturedraider, I can see how the rear view camera and parking distance control would be helpful, particularly in an urban environment and I appreciate your suggestion that I take another look at these options. In my case perhaps they are not as needed. In my location it is very rare that parallel parking is necessary. In the vast majority of situations I encounter in daily driving parking is a breeze. The car is in my garage at home, in a multilevel parking structure at work or in a lot for shopping, errands, etc. BMW Assist is another matter. This is an option that you might be very glad you had should you need it. I will contact my CA today and ask about converting a Priority 3 spot to a Priority 2. Thanks for the suggestion. I am grateful for the informed opinions. Marc.

ZTP Technology Package

609 Navigation system
(My opinion, the best quality stock GPS in any car, fast, great detail, split-screen utility)

610 Head-up Display

(The biggest win in the Tech Package, speed/nav/audio menus project on your hood, a can't-miss feature)

6NF Smartphone Integration
6NL BMW Assist with enhanced Bluetooth and USB
6NR BMW Apps

(If you use an iPod or an iPhone, these give you some significant wins like the lack of a Y cable, on-screen album art, the ability to send addresses to the nav from your phone or web browser, three-years of an OnStar-like emergency service called BMW Assist, and then of course the Apps which only have Facebook and Twitter right now but will soon have Siri integration and other things. The enhanced Bluetooth also gives you wireless music streaming from Pandora and the ability to receive texts and emails into iDrive and have them read to you while you drive.)

6UH Real Time Traffic Information
(Very useful, even if you only use your nav a handful of times a year)

6WA Instrument cluster with extended contents
(Larger display between and beneath the gauges with additional information)

AAA Big-Ass Widescreen Display
(The only way to get the gorgeous wide display is with the Technology Package. The screen is such a dominant feature in the car it's hard to stare at it 24/7 with the smaller LCD in there)

Something to understand is that the F30 is a technological wonder, could be the most advanced/connected passenger car ever made. So to cheat yourself of the full integration of the driving experience and the technical experience is viewed by many to be a poor compromise.

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