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Originally Posted by windsor027 View Post
BJ, I got all of the above with just the NAV selected except of the HUD. when i test drove the car, i couldn't see anything projected and I couldn't figure it out, then the rep told me its your sunglasses they are polarized. Dude i can't drive without sunglasses even on a cloudy day, plus they are prescription therefore it was just NAV and I am glad BMW allowed this stand along. I hate spending any money on things I don't really use.
I wear Polarized RayBan's, aren't giving them up either. Like you, I'm sensitive to light and wear them on cloudy days to get rid of the glare.

If you crank the HUD brightness to max you can see the display just enough during the daytime even with the Polarized sunglasses on. And once 4pm comes around and the sunglasses come off, it's brilliant at night.

Because of the HUD, I never look at the gauges or the radio controls. I can see the speed, see nav directions, and scroll through a list of my favorite tracks/stations all on a display hovering in my line of sight, right there over the edge of the hood.


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