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Originally Posted by Keyser Soze View Post
Well, tbh these cars were designed for the "3-year lease turn and burn" market who won't care about potential long term issues anyway. A lot of other cars have this same feature so it as a standard feature is going to be popping up everywhere soon, I imagine. I usually just turn it off the first time or so I hit a stop sign and notice it, no biggie.....
No biggie - I agree. Keyser Soze sums this up exactly as I feel. I simply turn it off if it bothers me under the driving conditions. Just as I have to agree to the legal statement and select Navigation on startup from time to time. Also, not biggies.

We will see more and more of AS/S on cars in the U.S. as we follow (yet again) Europe's lead with something they've done widely for years. I do think it would have been better if BMW had set up AS/S from the beginning to default to the last on/off selection, but understand they were probably going for the final increment of mpg certification by setting it up to default to ON.

Sometimes I find it useful. Since it's no biggie, and I don't crave a change, I think I will leave mine the way it is, and avoid the possibility that a dealer technician may inadvertently corrupt my system software when he tries to modify it.

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