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Originally Posted by TannerT View Post
My VR4 didn't mind going over 120mph. A stage two HKS Turbo kit didn't hurt though

I know I am a lot younger than most of you guys but I still have been around many different t cars. I mean hell I drive/build a racecar for run. In all the cars I have had the pleasure of driving nothing has felt as put together as an E46 that includes other BMWs. I have had a much faster car that still was as pleasing to drive. Even when your not taking hard corners just sitting behind the wheel has a special feeling. Everybody that I have let drive my car will say something like "wow this feels great," or "man I want to race." Even my gf said it makes her want to dive fast. I don't even have a ZHP let alone an M. As fast as a pure drivers car you either need a real race car or classic to have as much fun.

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I should have said stock cars w/o modifications. My MR2 SC AW11 didn't mind 130mph either but it was way beyond stock. Just for clarification this was a Galant VR4 right, not a VW VR4? Cuz if it's a VW it's definitely not a JDM import.
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