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Hi Robin, welcome, another in an increasing list of new UK members!

I would leave it alone for now. While BMW calls it "lifetime" there is some question about what that means. There's the obvious answer meaning forever, but that's unlikey.
Here in the States our driving conditions are usually vastly different from yours, in terrain, highway length and speeds, and weather. Some of those variables are easier on a transmission (such as sustained high speed driving where the transmission torque coverter is 'locked') and some are harder (the desert southwest in August commutes). These variables mean that the informed driver ends up making his own call on when the fluid change should be.
No one could fault you for changing yours around 60K, much before that would be overkill. Of course some on here change their 15k interval synthetic engine oil every 5000 miles so you can see opinions will vary...
I mean, we can devote an entire thread to whether the F30 Nav unit looks stuck on or not. At least it's an improvement over whether the shark fin looks stuck on or not.
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