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Originally Posted by Stealth.Pilot View Post
BM323 - those are some good quotes.

It seems those who like the CTS-V like the old M5. Hammond nailed it when he said the problem with the old M5 was that you could not live with it. The new M5 is a better sports car on the track, but its also more friendly for day to day driving on the street.

Another analogy I might use is this: When the Infiniti G37 came out in 2002, it offered a more raw, more edgy, sportier alternative to the E46 330i. However back then most people who drive both preferred the 330i because it was more polished while delivering fantastic driving dynamics and performance. The balance of both is what made BMWs special. Now it seems reviewers want BMW to go and build a Porsche or a Ferrari. But that is to miss the genius of what BMW does.

BMWs M Cars have traditionally excelled in day to day real world driveability as well as on the track. The E60 M5 lost that. But it's back. And if you read the reviews of the E39 vs E60 M5s you would see that.

And to this day the E39 has been the best selling M5. However if the launch numbers from BMW are to be believed, the F10 M5 is crushing the first year sales numbers of the E60 M5 despite a weaker global economy. Here's a factoid - in the first month BMW sold 222 E60 M5s. The F10 M5 had only been out three weeks when the recall was announced and the recall had 489 sold customer cars on it.
That is a great analogy! In my honest opinion, BMW is not the best at building raw, track oriented go carts. What BMW best at is building fast, powerful sports car that is livable and usable everyday.

I don't understand why people want the F10 M5 to be more raw. It's not what the M5 is built for. The M5 is purposely built for a fast, powerful, 'executive' sedan. If they want a light, agile sports car, it wouldn't be an M5, it would be the M3.

For all it's intent, I believe the M5 is the best car of it's kind. It's a mult-purpose mult-personality car that can eats supercars for breakfast than takes your clients/family out for lunch.

(btw It's G35 that came out in 2002, G37 didn't come along till 2008)

Originally Posted by Stealth.Pilot View Post
That's my point.

Cadillac is picking a bigger and more expensive car and the saying its smaller car handles like a smaller car.

That comparison is as ridiculous as the M5 vs Bentley comparison.

They should compare to the M3, and when the new M3 is out it will crush the CTS-v.
Exactly! Comparing the CTS-V to the M5 is nonsense really.
The People that are looking into buying the M5 will not cross shop a CTS.
They would be looking at Mercedes/Audi/Porsche etc.

The CTS was always a competitor to the 3 series and always will be.
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