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Front Diff Leak - 2011 328xi

First time post wanted to share my recent experience. At 56K (kms) had annual oil change and dealer noticed oil on the top of the shrouds (only 1 or 2 drops had made it onto my driveway which i'd noticed maybe 4 weeks prior and though nothing of). So much oil on the bottom of the car they couldn't tell engine oil from diff oil so they cleaned it up and told me to bring it back in a week

Back the following week diagnosed a front diff leak... cause was documented as "plugged vent caused leaks at all gaskets". The fluid was so low i'd damaged the diff so it was replaced under warranty

All's well that ends well i suppose but what is to stop the new diff (or the rear diff) from clogging at the vent and leaking through its gaskets down the road (likely 100 kms after the 80K warranty expires)? Should I be examining my diff for leaks every few weeks?? Very difficult on the front with all the shrouds covering everything.. I don't have a lift
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