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I frankly do not understand certain comments.....the current CTS generation was introduced at the end of 2008 and size wise is almost equal to the inch to the E60 5 Series.

The CTS-V targeted that generation M5 and it did it quite almost M3 money....

The handling is phenomenal and the car is extremely engaging.....the magnetorheological dampers work very well.

The comparison with the F10 would not be entirely fair because the F10 is a newer car....period

You may not like the styling (I do) but at least it did introduce something radically new in that regard with the sharp angled and the pointed tail (only Acura followed that design language)

Last, I frankly do not understand the critics to the interiors.....tust me I'm the first to criticize the American car industry with its past lackluster (to be generous) products and interiors wothy of tupperware plastic quality but Cadillac did a really fine job with this car.

I do not recall that the stiched leather lined dash was even an option on the E60 M5....just to name one thing....I guess that in German car terms, the rather uninviting interiors of the E60 are called "Austere" maybe??

I remember when some people criticized the CTS pop-out navigation screen....I guess that when Audi does it is more acceptable

....and to wrap things up, with the price difference between a V and the E60 M5 you could buy a nice, comfortable and well optioned daily maybe for a Wall Street type bailed out at taxpayer expense this may be a moot point but for a person actually working for a living it may be an additional selling point.....

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