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Hey Kat, I probably wasted your time this afternoon, didn't I? I'm sorry about that. Maybe I'm lucky and caught you in time. Skip to the ** to see the bit about trying the wand again, but otherwise I explain why I was digging through again, to begin with.

So I started the car for the first time after pulling/reinstalling the socket, and I got another CC-ID code, but this time for the left panel! LOL, I didn't even unplug the thing. Last time I had the aforementioned issue it was the right panel, but I decided to replace both since one whole side was only about $16, and initial shipping was such a big part of the total cost anyway.

So I unplugged, replugged, still had the code. I reinstalled the older original panel, and now the code is gone. What gives? I turned on hazards, rear fogs, etc, to see if I could discern any difference in brightness/hue/something, but thankfully I couldn't.

**Anyway, because I had it open again, I played more with the wand. I don't think I could get the wand to the left part of the light assembly. I think I could get the wand to just about every nook and cranny of the larger "back side" of the panel. I apologize for my lack of thoroughness. Also, I admit I was being a bit careful, thinking of Murphy's law, and wondering if I was going to detach the brush tip of the wand inside the light assembly, seeing as how my luck was already going here, heh.

TBH, I'm not sure how you can even get in there. I pulled back the inner insulation of the trunk just a bit to see if there were any other exposed holes to get too, and I didn't see any immediately.

I saw your thread about your battery/electric issue, so I decided to throw my CTEK on. I hope they find a simple solution for you!

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