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Buy a 2013 Military Purchase or 2014 ED?

I am in a quandry. I am currently a contractor deployed in sand land but will likely be leaving theter in December but not actually returning to the good old USA until the first week in March 2013. (Its a complicated situation)

In order to qualify for the military discount I have to order a car before leaving theater in December. The military discount is $5k off the base price of the car and options are US MSRP price. Since I will be ordering a pretty well equipped car (retirement ride), I calulated the actual cost of the vehicle I want to be $600 under the US Invoice price. A better deal than anyone else will likely get.

I am also considering returning home and ordering a 2014 build for ED in order to get the new upgraded Navigation Professional with the new procesor, improved maps, and larger hard drive. I believe the first builds on the 2014 model start in September 2014.

I already have a car at home that I own so I have a daily driver.

Waiting for a 2014 means I will not be driving a new car this summer but it might be worth waiting 6 months for the new Navigation Professional. Of course there may be a price increase as well for the 2014 model.

Cost wise the difference in price between a military purchase and ED when you factor in the cost of travel to Germany is probably a wash.

I have owned Audis, Hondas, Fords, Chryslers, Mercuries, and Buicks but this will be my first BMW and I am looking forward to the experience. This board has been a great help in learning about the F30 and BMWs in general.

Your thoughts are appreciated.
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