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SW Ohio Twisties

I was fortunate enough to grow up in The Sticks on the east side of Cincinnati. Moscow, to be specific, which borders New Richmond. This area is rife with twisties which are commonly unpopulated.

Here are some directions to my favorite stretches of fun:

If you are coming from downtown Cincinnati, take I-471 S to I-275 E. Take exit 71 for US-52 E toward New Richmond.

~5 miles (from exit): On your left is 9-Mile Road. This road has some wonderfully sharp twisties, but depending on the time of day you may experience heavy traffic. The best time for this road is probably around 2am.

~13 miles (from exit): On your left is Clermontville-Laurel Road. Awesome twisties, long straight stretches, and often very low traffic, depending on time of day. Again, late-night is best, but you must WATCH FOR DEER lingering in the fields (risk varies with season).

*If you continue on Clermontville-Laurel Road, you will cross Laurel-Lindale Road. The next intersection is with OH-232. Turn left. This is probably my favorite road in the area, if only because of the supreme lack of traffic. Not the most technical, but there are some good turns, and the most traffic you will see is from farm vehicles, which you can cut right around. Biggest plus: I have never seen a cop on this road. (But if you do come across one, don't blame me.)

Hope this helps. Happy driving!
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