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Hmmm, perhaps I can clear up some potential area's where the data, or presentation of the data, wasn't clear.

Important points: The best comparisons of various combo's will come from looking at the data collected on the same day with the same fuel and at the same ambient temps on the same roads with the same winds and same DPF loading and same heat soaked engine conditions (before the H2O/methanol injection this aspect had more effect and could skew results ~10hp). That's a lot of different variables right there even before looking at the different power adder combo's. And there's a lot of different combo's in this thread.

So, the post with the first quote above (page 2 post #27) was with 70F and no wind, stock vehicle with the JBD at 0, ~65 and ~85%. Those results were ~214, 237, 253 hp and 363, 378, 402 ft-lb. No comparison without the JBD.

Post #40/41 shows a comparison of stock vs JBD at 0 and 65%. These were done back to back, so relative to each other they should be pretty close, but not necessarily a great comparison to the post #27 data. This comparison showed ~209, 221, 241hp and 351, 368, 381 lb-ft (slightly more than the #27 data for the JBD at 0 and 65). So the JBD at 0 seemed to add ~12 hp above stock and the JBD at 65% added ~32hp with the GTech hp/tq measurement on this day.

Post #49 starts with the Evolve evaluation. There's several caveat's given for why direct comparisons's to previous data needs to be considered. The general summation I gave was this: "But hereís the summation of the hp/tq #ís. The JBD @ ~85% produced similar TQ #ís as the remap, but a bit better HP. Now it might be that the tank of Illinois fuel in the vehicle has lower cetane or BTUís than what was in the vehicle for the previous tests. Donít have a way to test that. "

On this same post it's noted that the stack of the Evolve remap with the JBD at 65% produced ~30hp increase over the remap alone. The curves on post #51 (the tq curves for the remap/JBD stack are not accurate due to not giving full fuel at low rpm's to avoid excessive low rpm torque) show ~ 33.5 hp increase for ~65% and just a few hp for the 0%. However, the remap only data was from a different day/fuel/temp/etc, so an absolute comparison isn't valid. However, what is valid to say is the delta increase of the remap with the JBD follows a very similar trend as that from post #41.

The last quote you put up is from post #52 and includes #'s from post #51 as well as #'s from a different day/fuel/environment condition. The new data showed ~19hp increase from the 0-65% JBD setting instead of the ~30hp from previous data groups. However it was a warmer day and heat soak could've been involved in skewing those #'s for the 65% test, which was performed a few mins after the 0% run.

Clear as mud?
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