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Yeah, I'm handy with a wrench, so needing to replace a few bits here and there is not a concern for me, especially straight forward tasks like suspension pieces, valve cover gasket, etc. I enjoy the work. It borders of therapeutic for me, as I'd imagine it does for many of us driving these older cars. I've yet to investigate the state of the CCV system and cooling system, checking for leaks, etc, but I know it has some oil leaks. Maybe I can blow into some of it tonight when I get home.
The maintenance concerns actually worked out well for me. I was able to appeal to the salesman on these issues and told him that almost any other potential buyer would want these items corrected before they would purchase, especially the airbag light. He knew that was a valid point. In reality, I'm not even sure it's legal for them to sell a used car with the airbag light on.
Frankly, I'm surprised a premium dealership (stand-alone Mini dealer) would sell a premium brand car without correcting the issues, especially a corporate parent brand.

I had an interesting experience that I've never heard of before with the salesman. I made an out-the-door offer (including their processing fee, taxes, and 2 year tags) that was $1k below their internet price (so actual purchase price would've been about $1800 below internet price). He was skeptical but took it to his used car manager.
He countered with an offer $1k higher.
I raised my offer by $300 and told him that was it (now at $700 below internet asking price, but including all taxes and fees).
He came back with another counteroffer, but we were still about $500 apart. He asked me to meet in the middle and I said no, that was it. That was my final offer. He appealed to my wife. She's a stone-faced negotiator and wasn't a huge fan of the car, but willing to go along at a reasonable price. He got nowhere with her.
He actually took the same offer back to the manager again and came back with an approval. I've never heard of that happening before.
The way I look at it is this: I'll spend some money and time on the car. I think their internet asking price was actually a bit low, considering mileage and overall condition, but it gave me a good place to start negotiating. Money I spend on the car to bring it up to my standards up to the point of their original asking price is just included in the price of the car.
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