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Originally Posted by EconoBox View Post

I can't comprehend that you have not taken this to a mechanic to get fixed.
You really let this insanity go on for SIX months?????

For others, here is a review of possible things to try:
  • Check if the battery is loose.
  • Replace the battery with a new one.
  • Detach hood sensor.
  • Check door latches/sensors
  • Disable motion sensor by press key locking button twice
  • Detach inside motion sensor
  • Unplug fuse #48 in trunk
Not all of us live next door/near a BMW dealer, that's why. The nearest stealership is an hour away and of course the maintenance department is closed during the weekend requiring me to take off work. Then, I get the joy of bending over while they shaft me for hundreds of $$ to change a part that my son could change in 5 minutes. (Not a big fan of dealerships if you couldn't tell). I called one up the other day concerning this issue and was told that my car was too old; they usually don't deal with cars of this age. 12 years old with 86,000 miles...nice customer support...makes me want to race out and buy another one.

This is my second BMW, the first I had while assigned in England; it was a 535, got 38 MPG, and parts could be attained anywhere, relatively inexpensively. Fast forward to my return to the states where I buy about a different story. This one gets 19 MPG, weighs a lot more and parts are outrageously expensive...and that's for used parts. I contacted Barvarian for a used stereo part in the boot...$350 for a 12-year old stereo part.

But I digress...

As to your list...

Battery is less than one year old, passes all tests and is quite secure

Hood and interior sensor are disconnected (is there a tilt sensor somewhere? are there any other sensors to disconnect?)

No need to push button twice if sensor is disconnected, this takes it out of the picture. (Is this correct?)

Fuse 48 being unplugged does NOT disarm the security system; just the siren, lights will still flash if the alarm is activated.

Just this morning after I arrived at work I double locked the door with the key and 2 hours later the alarm went off again, the siren stopped but the lights flashed for an additional 5 minutes (yes, I timed them). I just charged the battery overnight (It was totally dead again after this last weekend of sitting in the driveway not being driven)

I am a mechanic and have my own private shop w/lift, I say this not to brag but to inform that I am not a total newbie when it comes to turning wrenches. I even built my own tool ($480.00 from BMW cost me $38 to build) and changed out the rear suspension bushings myself. This problem has me quite perplexed. What I am finding strange is the lack of anyone else having experienced the same thing before. Usually forums, if searched long enough, will reveal someone who found a fix.

I think the next step is to put this POS up on the lift and gut the alarm in the wheel well; my concern is that it will disable the car but what good is a car that won't start because the alarm keeps draining the battery? I have read that there are rechargeable batteries that are in the siren portion of the alarm system that die over time (great design!) causing the system to repeatedly activate...I will focus on that area for now and report back what I find.

If anyone has additional information that I missed or have wrong, please let me know. The depreciation on these cars is so bad that I am basically stuck with this thing so I have to figure it out. I should have bought a Toyota!

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