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I need some more time to fully test your idea, each time i do my kid starts crying or something happens. So right now i havent gotten it to normal operating temperature. However, i cant really put it in neutral. I can adjust the shifter so it reads "N" on my dash but it doesnt actually switch in to neutral. I checked my fluid and it is indeed low, so i am going to put some more in there. However, i am a bit confused as how to do that. Ive read through the bentley manual and understand i need to find the fill plug on the pan, remove it and fill from there. But locating that seems to be harder then i though. I bought a jack and jacked it up to look under there, but i only see the oil drip pan. From what i read, there is a drain plug on this pan just as there is a drain plug on the oil pan. But i only see one pan with a drain plug underneath. I know im probably missing something obvious, so feel free to slam some common knowledge in my face. To make matters worse, the birds seemed to be having a ****ting contest on my car and i cant even move it to avoid their droppings. Poor car.
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