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The price of the 35i with the options I really wanted works out to be over $4,000 more than the 28i. That is a lot more considering I originally wasn't going to spend over $30,000. And even then I'm getting more equipment on my 28i. If I equip them equally then the difference is closer to $7K. When I'm already stretching my budget to get to the 28i X1 suggesting that I push the budget out beyond $40,000 isn't going to fly. I'd love to have a brand new 550i Gran Turismo but price wise it is out of reach for me so I'm not going to waste a dealer's time test driving it. The 35i X1 is in that same category.

The mileage the 28i offers helps too plus I like that it is RWD and that I'm not carrying the weight of the xdrive system. I've got on demand AWD now and it is likely it has turned on perhaps 10 times all the years I've owned my Honda.

I did compare the X1 to a CPO 3 series wagon with the older 6 in it. I preferred the new turbo 4 given the kind of driving I am going to be doing. Horses for courses. If I had decided I had to have the 6 I'd be buying a CPO 3 series wagon, not the X1.

At the end of the day realistically even the 28i has more engine than I need. Given the realities of speed limits and traffic congestion I'm more interested in a car that is reasonably quick 0-60 with good handling. I'm willing to pay over my original budget to get 40HP more than any of the competition in the class. The extra 60HP of the 35i is not worth the price to me. I certainly can see how it is to some folks and I'm glad BMW put that engine out there.

I bet at the end of the day I'm going to be enjoying my sDrive28i just as much as the rest of you enjoy your xDrive35i versions. But I promise I'll report back and let you know if I regret my choice in the long run.

One other thought. I'm buying because I aim to own the car for a long time. If I was leasing then the price difference becomes less significant. If you are leasing then I agree, you should cross shop the two engines in the X1. I would have looked at the X3 then as well as waiting to see the new 2013 3 series wagons.

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