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Originally Posted by jsaklas View Post
1. The rack to cooling coil line is attached to the wheel well with two plastic ties. How was I supposed to "untie" them (The hose could not be removed without unfastening them.) and how do I reattach the new hose to the wheel well? (I had to partially cut the fastener.)
Refer back to the parts diagram you posted; I believe you'll need the tie shown there. Mine unhooked itself with ease, but I couldn't tell you exactly how since I did the work over a year ago.

Originally Posted by jsaklas View Post
2. I connected the end of the high pressure line that attaches with the hollow bolt with no problem, but is the other end that goes into the P/S pump supposed to be forced in? It look like it is supposed to "pop" to seat properly. If I just "gently" put it in and then tighten the nut, the nut does not seat against the pump.
Mine did not seat against the pump either. Using a flare nut wrench, I hand tightened it just enough to the compress the little O-ring on the end of the fitting. If you overtighten the fitting, you risk cutting or overcompressing the O-ring.
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