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Originally Posted by voip-ninja View Post
All I know is that the steering difference between the E90 and the F30, even when the F30 is in sport mode is quite palpable and especially noticeable when doing, as you suggest "parking lot maneuvers" but is even noticeable during 75-80mph highway cruising. Does that mean that I have lost the way and am not a real BMW fan? Maybe. Do I care? No. Just reporting my observations and if it ruffles feathers than that's a tough break for those who take such things personally.

I don't equate steering heft with road feel or steering capability. The F30 is very very tossable on the right roads and there is plenty of road feel, especially with the reasonably priced adaptive setup. If anything, the weight of the E90 steering is a bit distracting compared to what I am used to with the F30... as someone else pointed out, it almost feels like the power steering pump is broken.

As to other comments. This loaner is a 2011 328i... the pinnacle of E90 technology as it would have all possible refinements that arrived for that platform. By comparison my F30 is a 2013, basically wet behind the years and waiting for refinement to happen over time. E90 has 6000 miles and F30 has 2000 miles. Fair game I say.
There's not much difference between a 2011 E90 and a 2007 E90. The LCI in 2009 was cosmetic and in 2011 it seems the suspension was fixed to be less abrupt. I wouldn't expect major tangible changes to the F30 over the years except hopefully a software change to recalibrate the EPS.

Remember you are coming to a BMW 3 series enthusiasts site and complaining about the steering on the E90 which has been nearly universally praised as the best available next to Porsche and probably the Miata. I find the E90 steering to be superb and once you get used to the heavier than normal tuning it's absolutely wonderful for a car that is truly a great sport sedan.

I'm sure the F30 is more refined and "grown up" but that's exactly what bothers enthusiasts and is the reason that Car and Driver is sure the E90 would beat it in a comparison test. Yet it still beats all comers which makes it a great all around car.

A few more comments. While I do find the E90 interior to be spartan, it's still well designed and the materials are first class. I don't mind the regular steering wheel in my non-Sport 328 but of course would prefer the sport wheel. As far as quietness goes, I've never once thought the car to be loud and it's great on a long trip. The best upgrade from the E90 is the wonderful ZF 8 speed AT. My car by the way has a MT which is much nicer than the BMW tuned GM tranny.
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