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Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
I have yet to drive an F30 but suspect that it is evolutionary rather than a "Quantum Leap". From all reviews it is a very good car and I suspect that it will sell very well and the vast majority of the people who purchase it will be satisfied customers.

I just read a 328 comparo against the Cadillac ATS in the new Road and Track...

The "quantum leap" doesn't come from enthusiasts because that's not where the leap takes place.

The F30 has amazing "wow" appeal to the typical daily 328i driver from it's larger size, wider stance, fresh styling, lengthy standard options, adjustable performance settings, softer ride, lighter steering, mind-blowing technology, and rocket-fuel acceleration. It's simply the most comfortable 3 Series ever, a welcome relief from the harsh E90 and it's predecessors. People who sit in my car and see all it can do marvel at the toys, drool over the interior styling, adore the big wheels, love the deep glossy paint. It still outhandles other cars in its class, just not built for the track anymore.

It's the iPhone to the Blackberry. It's bigger, it's heavier, but boy does it do a hell of a lot more and look great while it's doing it.


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