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Originally Posted by Byork7 View Post
I need some more time to fully test your idea, each time i do my kid starts crying or something happens. So right now i havent gotten it to normal operating temperature. However, i cant really put it in neutral. I can adjust the shifter so it reads "N" on my dash but it doesnt actually switch in to neutral. I checked my fluid and it is indeed low, so i am going to put some more in there. However, i am a bit confused as how to do that. Ive read through the bentley manual and understand i need to find the fill plug on the pan, remove it and fill from there. But locating that seems to be harder then i though. I bought a jack and jacked it up to look under there, but i only see the oil drip pan. From what i read, there is a drain plug on this pan just as there is a drain plug on the oil pan. But i only see one pan with a drain plug underneath. I know im probably missing something obvious, so feel free to slam some common knowledge in my face. To make matters worse, the birds seemed to be having a ****ting contest on my car and i cant even move it to avoid their droppings. Poor car.
How did you check the fluid ? Was it through the dipstick ? That must be the case, since you don't know how to locate and remove the fill plug and so couldn't have checked any other way.

This means that your transmission has a dipstick. This means that you can top up tranny fluid through the dipstick, using a small funnel which can be purchased at hardware stores. So you don't need to go through the drain plug etc.

Don't know why I missed this point earlier. Stressed out I guess.

I wouldn't be surprised if your radiator guy did not do a good job with your water pump, thermostat and fan clutch. Many of those squeaky noises in your video are belt/pulley related. I just changed my water pump yesterday and was told by my new mechanic that the water pump's pulley did not look right. He asked me if I had had an accident before ! That's the only way that dent got there. I hadn't, and surmise now that the mechanic who did my water pumps last year and years past much have negligently handled the pulley, and/or must not have bothered to take the 30 seconds that it takes a seasoned person to quickly inspect it before reinstalling it.

So, if I were you, I would go back to whoever did this for you and get him to fix it. Insist the noises showed up shortly after you got your car back. Usually they do start out with softer squeals before getting loud enough for you to hear with the hood closed. You might not have heard the initial issues.

Is your engine a single overhead cam or a twin cam ? If its a single cam, you have something called valve lifters (google and youtube), and they need to be adjusted to maintain correct clearances, ideal performance, and avoid that 'tick tick' sound I seem to hear in your car. The valve cover gasket is also changed during this operation. Depending on who is doing it, this could be take nearly 2 - 3 hours to do correctly.

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