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Originally Posted by Snipe656 View Post
They must be using it as a test site for more than just that because I'd think different emissions equipment still would not explain why our computers are encrypted differently than theirs.
Because we have a different DDE? On p.28 of ST180 - Advanced Diesel:

In contrast to the ECE version of the M57D30T2 engine, the US
version of the engine electrical system features following
Engine control unit DDE7.3
Preheating system with LIN-bus link and ceramic heater
Additional OBD sensors
Electrically operated swirl flap and EGR valve
Additional actuators and sensors for the low pressure EGR
Engine ControlModule
The new DDE7.3 engine control module is used on the US
version M57D30T2 engine. The DDE 7 version is used due to
the fact that the DDE 6 engine control module was not sufficient
to accommodate the addition of the SCR system as well as additional
OBD functions.
DDE 7 will be used on future generations of diesel engines
including the N57 which will be available sometime later.
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