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So I was just looking through my maintenance log for the E36. In the last 12 months, I've driven 4,360 miles. My current combined average fuel economy is currently at 25mpg (which is where it usually is - yes, I drive like an old fart most of the time), which boils down to 174.4 gallons of fuel consumed. If I use the current approximate price of premium fuel here, which is around $4.30/gal, that comes down to $749.52 spent in gas for the year, which is about $2 per day. Not bad... The actual amount of money I spent on gas is considerably less, since the average cost of a gallon of premium fuel has been creeping up for the last year, so $4.30/gal is somewhat of a high figure to use as the basis for that calculation. Anyway, sorry for nerding out. Sometimes it's fun to run all the numbers.
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Yeah I totally missed that post Karl... I am on track to have put about 11,000 miles on the 328 once I own it for a year. I've already put 3,500 on the subaru and I've only owned that 3 months (so about 12,000 a year).

like whoa. you really don't drive huh? I enjoy driving, but not sitting in traffic.
I really recommend using for all your fuel costs/tracking. its really worthing checking out. Tracks your fuel consumption for you. give you a time and place to put notes in say if you just got a oil change or something that you want to document. it will track it for years. so far my average is like 24.6 for the last 5k miles. give me a total of the $$ i spent. average gas prices.... and many many many more charts. give it a look.

if you have a smartphone there is a app too so you dont have to go home and log on to fill it out. simply load the app fill out the numbers and VOLA.