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Originally Posted by EnserioJose View Post
So that's how Karl keeps his car so mint... ...he hardly drives it!

Do you use other modes of transportation to get to work?
Yes, I ride my bicycle Monday-Friday year round. Plus, the I use the Subaru for most of my longer duration drives to the mountains, etc.

Originally Posted by Eight Thirty View Post
I really recommend using for all your fuel costs/tracking. its really worthing checking out. Tracks your fuel consumption for you. give you a time and place to put notes in say if you just got a oil change or something that you want to document. it will track it for years. so far my average is like 24.6 for the last 5k miles. give me a total of the $$ i spent. average gas prices.... and many many many more charts. give it a look.

if you have a smartphone there is a app too so you dont have to go home and log on to fill it out. simply load the app fill out the numbers and VOLA.
Yeah, I'm familiar with Fuelly, but I'm lazy and have a dumb-phone. I would totally use it if I had a smartphone, however.

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