Thread: x3 28i vs 35i
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After tax and such it came out to $53K...
got a couple grand off, as it was an order and the 13's were just coming in.
Not going to rain on your parade but I would find another dealer.....especially if you are really thinking about trading in and getting another model.

Not sure what a custom order and new 2013 stock have to do with negotiating a price? Sure dealers want to sell their allocations but a custom order is no extra work for them. In fact it is considered an extra-bonus sale at the end of the year for them. These are not rare cars and just having come back from getting ours via PCD and visiting the factory, they crank these things out in no time at all.

Anyhow...back to regular programming and the OP's question.

My vote.....35i and load it up. It's the best way to outfit the X3 and life's too short not to have it the way you want.
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