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Originally Posted by Lorenzzo View Post
They're 6th to 9th depending upon source which means little because after the US and maybe China, nobody has a meaningful military budget. The US is really the only country that diverts meaningful GDP that way. Japan has the toys as I alluded to, partly because they make us happy by buying our stuff. But they aren't trooped up and since WWII have been neutered.

Hong Kong is really a completely different place than mainland China and we're talking mainland. That said, there is no shortage of both beautiful and ugly in both places depending upon where you look.

China spends a lot true... but if you look at, for example, all of the NATO countries excluding the US, they combined still have more military spending than China does.

No question that China is on a path towards replacing the former USSR as the chief military that the US will concentrate on countering later on this century.

And.... we are now seriously off topic and I'm one of the principal offenders. My apologies to the OP and others who want to discuss BMW market share.
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