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1) No, a maintenance charger will be continually reading the condition of the battery, which means that 2) it can't be overdone (some folks just leave it hooked up the entire winter), and otherwise it's hard to say what "prudent" is. I tend to do hook mine up roughly every month, well I should say probably less often that that during most of the year, but then at least that often in the winter months (when battery capacity drops with lower temperatures).

3) I don't know her real name, but it does seem a little harsh to me.

I'd like to put in a plug for the Ctek 3300 I use, a bit pricier than the Battery Tender, but it's water resistant, sealed, and there happens to be a marketing video of a car running over a CTEK, with it holding up just fine. It looks chic, and is extraordinarily easy to use. There are pics by B-737 showing how he hardwired the other quick release plug with the eyelets (there are two sets, the other is with the clamps that most everyone else uses) so that it's (literally?) plug 'n' play. I'm not sure if it was him, but I think he was considering the idea of running it all the way to the grille somehow, where you don't even need to open the hood, but I'm not sure how that could be secured, and I'm pretty sure the wire it comes with isn't long enough anyway. Anyway, it's also sold by Phil at DD (though surely cheaper at Amazon), and was originally the OEM for Porsche, then MB, then a host of exotic car companies (Ferrari, Lambo, Rolls, Bentley, etc).

Here is the process of how their chargers work, according to their site, but I honestly don't know how much is marketing fluff:

BTW, I'd like to apologize again for my poor recommendation in the other thread. So, I'm not sure how seriously you will take this rec either now.

The first time I charged my car, it took 24 hours. Never again that long since.
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