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Thanks for the post. I'm not going to quote you here for space, but a couple of questions:

My driving style is 5 days a week generally 2X5.5 miles. Sometimes on Saturdays we'll take the E93 for errand hopping (50-75 mi). Once maybe every 8-12 weeks I get to air it out a little on an airport run or like this weekend it will get to stretch it's legs with a run to Austin and back. So, with this profile, how often would you put the car on a tender?

I can't imagine coming home from work every day and hooking it up, but I wouldn't be adverse to hooking it up on Friday if I knew I wasn't going to drive the car until Monday. Likewise, if I knew the car wasn't going to be driven for a week or 10 days that would be a no-brainer.

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