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Ok good, whew. If you want to ask any curious questions about my charger or how I use it, feel free to ask at any time, though I guess it's pretty self explanatory. (I always use the "winter" mode with the snokflake icon, per the instructions when using an AGM battery.) I may even have a pic somewhere of the cords, as my brother recently had electrical/battery issues in his Lexus (they seemed to have gone away). It might be a bit of effort for you, but FWIW, I don't start my car to pull it out to the driveway before washing it. I get it slowly rolling by leaning against the door jamb, have a seat, and hit the brakes (I believe they all work with my fob in, not 100% sure if the brake pedal does without fob, but I put in just in case.) There's always the parking brake of course. I figure I might as well spare the battery, as well as the number of cold starts on the engine.

I too always immediately lock the car to put it to sleep. Now, I have seen people make claims, or at the least wonder about the idea of having a fob within a certain close proximity to the vehicle, making the battery drain more quickly. Well, my fob is never that far away, and I am hoping and assuming that it's a non issue.

edit: I see your response to Fun2Drive now. One way to get an idea of how hungry your battery is at any given time is to observe how long it takes to charge. I've had the 24 hr experience, 12ish, 8-or-less-ish, and even just several hours before. It only takes 30 secs to hook up, I say hook it up whenever you feel like it. Just one evening per week should be plenty*, in my opinion that is. Hm, I did forget that you do have the origami top, well . . .

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