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Originally Posted by Ilovemycar View Post
It might be a bit of effort for you, but FWIW, I don't start my car to pull it out to the driveway before washing it. I get it slowly rolling by leaning against the door jamb, have a seat, and hit the brakes (I believe they all work with my fob in, not 100% sure if the brake pedal does without fob, but I put in just in case.) There's always the parking brake of course. I figure I might as well spare the battery, as well as the number of cold starts on the engine.
I would love to do it this way, but our garage is narrow, our driveway too, and as I have both a fence and the garage doorjamb on the driver's side, gettting the car moving, then me inside while rolling and the door closed before intersecting with the garage door jamb might be a little heroic. I'm sure there is a physics word problem here somewhere.
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