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That's unfortunate news, considering I hardly ever used the navigation because of simple aps on my EVO phone. Can't believe changing the battery, would have zap the unit. But from all the feedback i'm reading, you guys are dead on. Especially with the symptoms I have. I don't recall waiting until the red LED light went off when changing out the battery a few times.
I can't spare the extra $400 right now, but I think I'll keep my eyes peeled for upgrading to the MKIV. Like I said, I don't rely on the navigation, but it's a cool "showoff" when I have a few friends riding along.

The radio/CD changer plays, but I keep having to hit the power button to restart it. I guess that can carry me over until I can upgrade and buy a Navi unit.
What sucks is the LCD display doesn't light up at all, and with it being the wide screen that was a cool feature.

thanks again!
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