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Originally Posted by bmw_or_audi View Post
These were the same reactions I had when I started reading F30 reviews and comments, but my sarcasm was mostly directed at the engine. Rags and boards were relentless about the sewing-machine sounding four-banger in the A4, they were outraged about paying $30+K for a turbo four-banger, and on and on. But now that BMW has joined the bandwagon, turbo fours are great, their mileage is great, their light weight makes the car more agile, and on and on. It's hilarious.
It's not hilarious; it's called "survival".

1984 the first CD players started to hit the market. Really expensive stuff, very niche at the time. Stereo Review magazine's most respected writer, think his name was Ken Pohlmann, comes out with an article whose premise was that "because it's all digital, all CD players sound exactly the same so pick any one you want and don't worry about it", then went on to talk about the virtues of vinyl.

By 1985, Stereo Review magainze and it's most respected writer were doing CD player comparo after comparo about the Sony this and the JVC that and the Technics this and the Pioneer that, and the horsepower wars of 8x oversampling and the color of the laser and the refraction angle of the mirrors and all that other stuff and it went on and on for 20 years.

If the Car & Driver's and Motor Trend's of the world stick to their elitist 6 cylinder views there's a whole lot of enthusiasts and generalists that are going to stop buying their pulp. Technology is evolutionary; reporting on it is usually prefaced with a cold bucket of reality.

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