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Originally Posted by bmw_or_audi View Post
You have to sit back and ask yourself why you thought these things.

My guess is because of the uninformed mindless brain-washing by the auto press.
Truth is, it was the E90 discussion forum. We come here to seek the truth, get the pure answer without the advertising money and without the agendas in the way.

Read thread after thread about how the F30 was going to be too big, too wide, too soft, too plush, not to mention the blasphemy of the 4 cylinder engine. This car was going to be too disconnected from its heritage and too expensive for its powerplant. I was going to hate it, have to go look at Mercedes Benz.

Then I took an F30 test drive and I swear it took all of 30 seconds pulling out of the BMW driveway into 60 MPH traffic flow to realize that this was the lightest, tightest, most effortless engine/transmission combo I'd ever experienced. And that was before I appreciated how comfortable the ride was and how rocket-like Sport mode was. And then I stopped smiling just long enough to notice the interior design and the head-up display and the iDrive enhancements and that was that. Took all of 5 minutes.

I'm at the 8 week marker now, only have one issue with the car and it's only when I feel like driving like a maniac (very rarely) so I can let that go, get a thicker set of sway bars for my Luxury line someday.

My first impressions tend to be the best, they've helped me throughout my life and my career. The day I got the car I said this was the greatest 3 Series ever made and will shatter the sales records of those that came before it. I think I was right.

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