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How to re-wire the main engine wiring harness??

Well i haven't been on in a while as I have been contemplating selling my 540. I do really like it so i may fix it if i can figure out how to rewire part of the wiring harness from the ECM to the engine. I would also need to get a reprogrammed ECM which i beleive I have found as well. I have already replaced a good bit of parts on the car and the whole secondary air system minus the pump (all valves, hoses, "egr" gaskets intake rear manifold gasket, etc.)

About 5 months ago my car had a ton of issues (Here is the old thread title with allll of the information - '02 540i keeps dying? **UPDATED WITH CODES**) mainly with the car losing power at normal speeds and dying. Wouldnt stay running, sounded weird as hell, and overall just sucking at life.

Well i finally broke down and took it to Auto Assets which is a europeon only repair facility who has deemed the issue is a contstant 12 volts going to the EGR control valve. So the issue is the car has a constant vacuum leak with this valve open. They have said the car has a burnt ECM and the wires are burnt as well. I haven't pulled it all apart to inspect myself which i am going to do this weekend, but taking their word, i need to rewire the main engine wiring harness wires. Can someone tell me how to do this? My other option is to purchase a full wiiring harness from BMW since i cant find it anywhere else and spend tons of time replacing that thing which i REALLY dont want to do.

So if someone can help me figure out how to rewire this harness i would be greatful as can be as im sure it will need re-pinned at the connector.

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