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Originally Posted by anE934fun View Post
It really isn't that hard, especially given that the car is garaged. Pop the hood, connect the red clip to the positive post (R.H.S. by the firewall), connect the black clip to the ground post on the right fender (behind the headlight housing) and plug the charger in. Given how O-C you are on the detailing end, connecting the charger should be second nature. Just my 2 cents-worth.

Edit: Alternatively, following a weekend and long non-driving charge schedule probably would sufficiently charge the battery in-between charges. If the battery runs down again with a weekend charging schedule, then a more frequent charging schedule would seem to be in order.
You are correct. Just like getting in the habit of locking the car when I pull into the garage, getting in the habit of connecting to a smart tender over the weekend starting on Friday evenings should be a no-brainer.

FWIW: I think Dr. O's methodology is worth merit. I may not try it this weekend as I will be runing the car sufficiently to rev up the alternator and keep the battery satisfied - although slightly anal SO has already packed the battery charger in the trunk.

@DSX: I like the Oldschool approach and I thank you for giving me the sequence to test it. FWIW: I am pretty sure that the on/off X 5 sequence was a stressor to the battery. Interestingly, I had never had an issue until the car sat in the garage for two weeks (during the hot weeks of August), referencing your comment that the heat and humidity here in Houston (how is that for alliteration), wreaks havoc on batteries.
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