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Originally Posted by rebel.ranter View Post
He says that 9 times out of 10 it is a thermostat fault & a replacement will fix it, the other 1 out of 10 is down to a wiring fault.
Should I have it replaced now that the light went off anyway, as a preventative measure?

Originally Posted by Mulchman View Post
3 of the 4 wire harnesses for your cars engine cost less than $70. The other is $700 of course. I wonder which one you need?
From what they told me, it'd be the $700 one. But labor is the main problem.

Originally Posted by HerbP View Post
If your engine is surging at cold startup, I would believe that you have a faulty thermostat.

You can buy a new battery from 135.00 to 200.00 depending where you buy it. Make sure it is the correct battery for your car. The good thing about aftermarket batteries is that you get a 6 year warranty on most. BMW will only give you a 2 year warranty.

The IDrive is very slow on a 645 do to it's technology at the time. You learn to live with it. Your SAT radio will have poor reception for the same reason.

Good Luck!
Yep, surging is what the car is doing. Thank you for "translating" my sound effects. LOL Thermostat is not an expensive repair so I should do it anyway I guess and see what happens. So the engine light is off for now. Still replace it?

I'll have the indy shop test the battery. I'm sure they have this kind of software because all they work on is BMWs. Bavarian Auto. Good to know about the aftermarket warranty!

Originally Posted by houbmw-cm View Post
I had my software updated recently at the BMW dealer here in Houston. The cost if I remember right was around 189.00 I think. I'm pretty sure if you put the new battery in and hen had them up the software you could probably convice the guy to register and code the battery for you at the same time. Sure can't hurt to ask.

Good luck,
$189 is not too bad, I guess. Did it work for you? Do you see a noticeable difference? I'm almost used to the slow stuff now

What is a good place to buy a battery from? I'll call the dealer and the indy shop to see how much the update would be.

Thank you!!!
- Elle

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