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Originally Posted by Rikeize 3 View Post
HI THERE LMYZ3, CHECK THIS OUT. I tried the method that was in my original post you responded to and found i still had a leak. But I had my BMW Mech. to play around with it 1 day and he found this. When you pop the top up, look at the rubber seal over top the windshield where the latching hooks go into the hole. I found that over the years that area takes some punishment and there was some torn rubber there. He patched that and i have been leak free ever since. So if the A Pillar seal didn't fix the leak try that area. Happy Zeeing..
Wow, thank you for your quick response. I will try that. I really love this thread as it is exactly the same problem I have. I have been tinkering with the Gummi Pflege which does not work for me.

I hate to ask but would you mind taking a picture of the troubled area and post it? I popped the top and I do not see any fraying but that doesn't mean it isn't destroyed possibly.

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