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Originally Posted by laser View Post
I was afraid they were going to pull that "unfavorable user behavior" BS on you.

It's shameful for BMW to sell an expensive car that a "normal" non high mileage driver can't depend on.

The new BMWs with "regenerative braking" are even worse as they now disconnect the alternator from charging the battery during acceleration and other driving conditions.

If your battery does fail under the warranty / maintenance period I'd push the dealer hard for replacement (did that successfully).

All that said, a battery tender is an inexpensive peace of mind accessory to top off your charge!
Yes, your previous post in this thread had me ready for it, so I wasn't too surprised when they said it.

Originally Posted by David1 View Post
You will need a battery next month.
Originally Posted by fun2drive View Post
I do think your battery is on its way south. I think mine is too but keeping on the tender will prolong its life a good bit since mine is 5 years and 7 months old.
I agree that the problem is they didn't load test the battery. That is the only way to determine if it will be OK or is getting weak.. . . . .

I am guessing we will see a post from you in the next few months about battery replacement too. /snip
Yeah, I'm pretty much thinking the same way you guys are that the battery is on its way out. It's not like I've suddenly changed my drive style or cold/start behavior.
I will do the load test and see what that brings.

Originally Posted by fun2drive View Post
My E93 is in Ohio until the end of this month of I would have taken pics of where I store it and the clips too which would give you an idea of where it sits patiently waiting to be used again...
Your description is very good but pictures are always worth a thousand words. I may pester you for a photo once you get re-united with the E93.

Originally Posted by cwinter View Post
As far as naming the Cabrio Christine, I'd hold off but be on guard. If you ever scratch the paint and the primer comes up red, I'd sell.

I do have a question about alternators. When the SA was giving me the lecture about driving it more, he said something to the effect that "if you don't get the car up to 60-70 miles for a sustained amount of time the alternator won't spin fast enough or long enough to charge the battery." Does speed really make the alternator spin faster? Or is it just plain old time with the engine running that counts. If it's just time, then I could easily double my commute time by sitting in the gridlocked traffic on the freeway.
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