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Originally Posted by DSXMachina View Post
(or 'break' as it seems to be now on this forum)
One of my favorite driving techniques I read about here is "engine breaking". It's a close second to PnG's technique of using the turn signal on the track. j/k, but I do like that story.

Kat, following the google shopping links, I realize my charger is only 4-step, not 8-step like the other link I had provided that shows off the higher end 7002 model. (If I bought mine all over again, I'd probably get that one "just because", even if I probably don't need what it can do).

Maybe Fun's hypothesis is correct about your battery going south, but I won't be the least bit surprised if your battery is just fine. I think I originally bought it when I suspected a hungry battery after a slightly longer crank one day when starting the car. My car is not a DD, my battery is now just a couple of months shy of 5 years, it took 24 hrs of charging and of these, were +20 hrs of the "fast charging mode" to get it up to 80% capacity? I mean, that's a lot of charging for a battery that has been acting perfectly since. I push the start button and no hesitation ever since.

Also, I almost can't keep track of all the cars it's been used on. I have a friend who had an Explorer that was basically non-operational (3rd car, maybe even briefly a 4th car?) that he finally wanted to sell. He couldn't get it to start at all, and remembered that I had my "special charger". I told him how I would give it at least 24hrs for a fair chance, and to their happy surprise, it revived the battery just fine. That vehicle was sitting there for a quite long time too.

I realize after seeing DSX's shopping link, that our sponsor DD could be pretty competitive once you apply a coupon code. I believe I got mine from DD, now that I think about it, and I was surely timing it with a detailing supply purchase I'm sure.
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