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Originally Posted by Ilovemycar View Post
One of my favorite driving techniques I read about here is "engine breaking". It's a close second to PnG's technique of using the turn signal on the track. j/k, but I do like that story.

Kat, following the google shopping links, I realize my charger is only 4-step, not 8-step like the other link I had provided that shows off the higher end 7002 model. (If I bought mine all over again, I'd probably get that one "just because", even if I probably don't need what it can do).

Maybe Fun's hypothesis is correct about your battery going south, but I won't be the least bit surprised if your battery is just fine. I think I originally bought it when I suspected a hungry battery after a slightly longer crank one day when starting the car. My car is not a DD, my battery is now just a couple of months shy of 5 years, it took 24 hrs of charging and of these, were +20 hrs of the "fast charging mode" to get it up to 80% capacity? I mean, that's a lot of charging for a battery that has been acting perfectly since. I push the start button and no hesitation ever since.

Also, I almost can't keep track of all the cars it's been used on. I have a friend who had an Explorer that was basically non-operational (3rd car, maybe even briefly a 4th car?) that he finally wanted to sell. He couldn't get it to start at all, and remembered that I had my "special charger". I told him how I would give it at least 24hrs for a fair chance, and to their happy surprise, it revived the battery just fine. That vehicle was sitting there for a quite long time too.

I realize after seeing DSX's shopping link, that our sponsor DD could be pretty competitive once you apply a coupon code. I believe I got mine from DD, now that I think about it, and I was surely timing it with a detailing supply purchase I'm sure.
It's a close second to PnG's technique of using the turn signal on the track.

I somewhat object that you bring this up. An explanation is in order... As Buttonwillow Raceway in CA can be configured in many different ways and the "A" (me) and "D" (novice) driving groups can be on the track at the same time in certain circumstances, it was only MY INTENT and courtesy effort to point the "D" group into the APPROPRIATE turns. have the truth. Needless to say, my E46 M3 was "victorious" in humiliating the "hamster" "D" group in spite of a few arrogant Porsche drivers who could never pass me.

I was always the "lead" car of course...sans driving instructor. Actually, one Porsche driver left the schools in frustration and in a "huff" as he couldn't drive his car up to its capabilities...even in the novice class. His name sounds familiar in here.
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