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Yes, please edit your original post and follow the usual rules of paragraphing if not it will be such a pain to read. Try to read it back yourself and you'll understand what I mean.

I went in 4 lines and stopped. I can tell you one thing. You're not supposed to get steam coming out of your bleed screw/bleed valve area, after the screw has been tightened down. There's your problem right there. I suggest you change the bleed screw. Before you do that, please remove it and take a good look at the threads that the screw goes into. Inspect it for cracks and anything else that might be obviously wrong.

The bleed screw is a cheap thing to purchase. Like $2 or less.

You don't need to bleed your radiator more than once. Its simple, and if it doesn't work with this then you have other issues. With the rad cap and bleed screw off, start the engine and bring it to operating temperature. Don't bleed it when its cold. Turn on the cabin heater to full heat and full blast (if your cabin heater works that is). Bleed the radiator in the usual way and replace the bleed screw once the bubbles stop. Top up to full on the expansion tank and fix the rad cap back firmly.

DO NOT remove the radiator hoses etc after that to fill up coolant (doing so to check other stuff is fine). Whenever hoses are removed, air is introduced into the system. You'll need to bleed the radiator all over again.

Just read your last 3 lines. When you are at operating temperature, the top hose should feel hot. It should not feel empty but it doesn't necessarily feel "full" either. You should be able to squeeze it somewhat.

Please check your dipstick and under your oil cap. If you've got any milkyness, then water is mixing with your engine oil, and that's how you're losing coolant. That indicates a head gasket problem or worse.

It is not good that you've got too much moisture coming out of your tailpipe. The amount that you feel out of your truck's exhaust should be about the same as on your car.

Try not to drive this car much.

If you reply to these posts, please use proper paragraphing if not we will not follow. Thanks.
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