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Originally Posted by Larrick View Post
The oil is clean mobil 1 synthetic. But the head gasket can still be bad, right? Will the coolant circulate with a bad water pump as long as the thermostat is open?
Also I have read in many threads that white vapor is quite normal for the m50 engine, is that true?
Is it important to raise the front of the car during bleeding?
Why would only the driver side heat get hot?
A. Yes, the HG can still be bad even if coolant does not mix with the oil. It could be just going out the combustion chamber and your tailpipe. However, we are not at that stage yet.

B. With a bad water pump, coolant will either barely circulate or not circulate at all. In both scenarios, overheating would result fairly quickly. One simple and by no means comprehensive way to check if your wp is ok is to grab one of the fan clutch's blades and pull it upwards and forwards and backwards. I.e. check if there is free play. If there is, then you might have impending issues. This by itself is by no means conclusive.

C. White vapour out the tailpipe is not normal for the M50 except for exceptionally wet days, in which case every car's tailpipe should show some vapour. Please don't believe everything that you read on the internet. (Just had to say that lolol).

D. No you don't have to raise the front of the car during bleeding. Another myth created by someone who is hoping that his car's overheating was due to incomplete bleeding and not something else that he'd rather not have.

If someone did this and it worked, then it was by accident; in the process of doing this, that person would have done something else right that he had been missing all this while. It happens to the best of us.

E. If you've got heat coming in on only one side of your cabin, it is possible that one of your heater valves (there are two) is stuck closed. Please google for suggestions on how to fix that. Its a simple process of loosening some bolts and tapping on it with a metal object or hammer. That may work. Please google for detailed writeups and diys with pictures on this.
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