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Siren is out and apart

I placed the POS on the lift and removed the siren last night; took about ten minutes and it was in my hands. After I removed the three screws holding it together I found it was sealed at the seam as well, probably to insure a moisture barrier due to hostile environment where it's mounted. I took a razor knife and repeatedly scored the seam until I was able to get a portion to separate, be patient and gentle, like most things on this car, it is made of recycled brittle plastic and it will snap in a heartbeat.

After I separated the case, I found three batteries wired together in a triangle pattern to form a total of 6/250H 7.2v which plugs into the siren via a small two-wire harness. Of course I couldn't find the battery setup anywhere except European websites but I did find the individual batteries 2/250H 2.4v, with wiring tabs, on E-Bay for $7.99 (free shipping too); I ordered three of them and will solder them together myself. My belief is that I can remount these back into the siren, seal the case back up, hold it together with the original three screws and place it all back together in the wheel well. I see nothing prohibiting this from happening.

A savings of $140, a minor investment of time and the joy of doing something I have not found anyone else attempting yet.

On a side note, the car runs fine without the siren, the jury is still out on whether the lights will continue to flash because something else was the cause of the alarm going off. I will update when I have it back together.

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