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Hey I am not exactly pissed off over the non inclusion of the column but it would have been nice if they had took the effort and as for the "Also it is not difficult.".............. I beg to differ as this BASTARD column nut thingy down low is TIGHTER THAN A NUNS HEAD DRESS..... I think I may have to use a ship load of KY GEL just to get the MONGREL loose......... Well I guess I am gonna have to persist and hopefully the nut will come free....... If the steering wheel was any further out towards the drivers seat, I would most likely have to remove the drivers seat and drive from the back seat........ when I first purchased the car the wheel obviously was where it is now and the seat all the way forward, so the previous OLDER MALE OWNER was a little short WOG...... (Now being a WOG myself, I am allowed to say this)..... No offense to any bleeding heart PC CORRECT (politically correct) FOOLS.....

Again thanks to ...... SOUTH26 for you time and heads up on the manual long way back when I first appeared on this forum with a few probs.......

when am I allowed to post a few pics of the car???????

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